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Your Life, Your Legacy

Our estate planning clients come to us at different points in their lives. Some are just beginning their families, while others have gone through a divorce or other major life change. Still others are just settling into retirement and contemplating what kind of legacy they want to leave behind.

While many people think of wills, trusts and estates as subjects reserved for the very old and very rich, in fact all kinds of households can benefit from estate planning. No one likes to contemplate his or her own passing. However, many people take a good deal of comfort in knowing that when they move on, they will be able to leave a bequest to their favorite charities, pay off any debts or leave their loved ones with a nest egg and plans on how to use it.

At the law office of Gunn MacKenzie PLLC, we help people throughout greater Clark County and southwestern Washington state at different stages in their lives with a variety of estate planning matters, including:

A Plan That Is Tailored For Your Needs

Many people wrongly assume that all wills and estate plans are basically the same. That is far from the truth. For one thing, Washington state laws are different from the laws in other states, meaning advice that might be valuable somewhere else won’t help your family here. But beyond that, every family has its own unique circumstances and each individual has his or her own wishes.

Our skilled lawyers take pride in customizing estate plans to their clients’ needs. For example, if you want to leave money to your grandchildren, but want to make sure they use it for education, we can make a plan that will take care of your family while respecting your wishes.

Whether you’re just starting to think about estate planning or revising old plans, call Gunn MacKenzie PLLC at 360-836-4023 or contact us by email to set up an appointment.